During Senator Rand Paul's heroic filibuster in opposition to the assiassination of US citizens on our own soil without due process of law, most of the members of the Senate stood with him to demand accountability from the Obama administration. A few did not. They chose to eat dinner with President Obama instead.

One of the leaders of this group was South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham. The good news is that Graham is up for reelection next year and the best news is that South Carolina is full of well qualified Liberty Republicans ready to challenge them, including State Senator Lee Bright, a long-time Ron Paul ally and also some members of the outstanding field of liberty candidates now cutting their teeth in the CD-1 special election.

Lindsey Graham has been an enemy of liberty and an advocate for big government throughout his political career. He has been openly hostile to the Liberty Movement and libertarianism, has attacked Ron and Rand Paul and other liberty leaders frequently and is a leading promoter of the out of control security state and unconstitutional international adventurism.

The Republican Liberty Caucus has committed to ending Lindsey Graham's career in the Senate. He is at the top of our list of candidates where the RLCUSA PAC will be investing in strong Liberty Republican opposition in the 2014 primary. That fight begins today with this fundraising effort. We have less than a year to build up our war chest and we need your help.

Please Stand With Rand and other liberty leaders and give to the RLCUSA PAC so we can keep cleaning up the Senate by sending Lindsey Graham to the trash heap of history.